Blast Cleaning

Blast cleaning is an extremely effective way to clean most types of surfaces, it is typically used to remove rust, paint, grime and hard to tackle dirt. It works by firing particles at extremely high speeds onto various surfaces leaving a fresh, clean surface. We've already carried out blast cleaning work throughout Worcester, Dudley, Gloucester and beyond for various clients. We use powerful tools and equipment that operate quietly to minimise disruption. Blast cleaning can be used on domestic and commercial buildings and for the any of the following:

Domestic & Commercial

We carry out work for both domestic and commercial clients for all jobs both big and small. Perhaps your looking for a fast effective way to remove unwanted graffiti from your household or are looking for a way to get them wrought iron gates looking like new, whatever the reason we have all the facilities and expertise needed to help you.

Our Services

Although we are based in Worcester we carry out work throughout Dudley, Gloucester, Redditch, Kidderminster and everywhere in between, so if you would like us to quote you a price for any of our services including powder coating or blast cleaning then please contact us today using the contact page or by calling us on 01386 556 613.

We Remove Paint & Rust, Plant & Machinery, Stone and brick cleaning, Wrought Iron Work and Graffiti.

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