Domestic Services

As well as our extremely successful commercial work and partnerships, we also carry out a wide range of work for domestic customers both locally and further afield. With our high quality coating and ability to provide longevity as well as aesthetically pleasing finishes within the products which we work on, it has enabled us to work with a wide variety of people, coating all sorts of different products.

Some of the more popular products that we coat domestically are: garden gates, railings, bike frames, fire pits, barriers, scooters, go karts, garden appliances and many more. With our recent new venture into zinc thermal spraying, it has enabled us to offer an even more long-standing, hard wearing and robust finish, which is brilliant for many of the products above, as customers can be reassured that the zinc will protect the product from rust, damage and harsh weather conditions.

Some other bigger domestic projects that we have undertook are the preparation and coating of rollercoasters for park across England and Wales, as well as big barriers, turnstiles, lockers, equipment for parks, cars, chassis’ motorbikes and a wide range of other products.

We take pride in all of our work, both domestic and commercial, and always want to provide our customers with a fast, efficient and high quality service.

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